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HR departments are often too far behind to stop and develop better systems

And without better systems, every issue and incident puts them further behind. 

Analysis and Actions to Reduce Employee Turnover

High attrition is a widespread issue for both exempt and non-exempt personnel, but more can be done about it than you think. We’ll start with a deep investigation of internal and external issues that might be contributing to turnover, then make specific recommendations, and help put those new systems in place.

Roadmaps for Achieving Company Growth

Strategic plans are unlikely to be fulfilled if they’re not supported by having the right people in place at the right time. Mylestone’s HR support services include workforce development ‘roadmaps’ for getting from where you are now to the future growth levels and strategic direction you’re aiming for.

Frameworks for Employee Develpment

Let’s create development guidelines for each executive and skilled trades role. Then let’s set up a competency and skills database that includes every employee. With these tools, you can plan individual career ladders, leadership succession, and the ongoing fulfillment of strategic plans.

Diversity and Harassment

If and when these issues come up, there's less risk of disruption and liability when you have solid procedures and policies in place to investigate, record, and address them.

Employee Onboarding

HR support services include onboarding programs that help new employees quickly become acclimated, comfortable, and productive, thereby strengthening new-hire retintion.

Job Analysis

We will help create effective job descriptions, plus job-specific competency profiles and evaluation systems for internal purposes as well as external recruiting.

Operational Problems

If you're not sure of the reasons for declining quality or productivity, Mylestone can work with your team, or provide an independent assessment of human factors and root causes.

Special Projects

We're here to help with projects that require dedicated HR and project management expertise, and are often cross functional, or involve multiple divisons.

Turn-Around Support

When there's a business slowdown, it's cruical to have strategies in place to retain your best people, and use attrition rather than termination to adjust workforce size.

Compensation Structures

Mylestone's experts can help your company refine salary, incentive and other compensation plans, based on merit, job duration and industry averages

Training Programs

Let Mylestone identify competency needs, and create a training plan to help leaders and workers prepare for thier own, as well as the company's future.

Have questions about any of these issues and their remedies?

What kind of ongoing support does your HR department need?

A retainer arrangement with Mylestone is customized to fit.

Solutions for an Overworked HR Staff

If your company has been growing, so has the Human Resources workload. Bring in Mylestone for either 10 hours a week or 20 hours a week, for all the ways we can help.

Making Process Improvements

Our seasoned experts can take on a mentorship or advisory role for staffers who are still developing their skills or are just now learning the specific needs of your industry.

Helping You Address Difficult Issues

Our HR support services include help with specific incidents such as accusations of discrimination or harassment. We investigate, report, and offer corrective actions and policies.

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