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Talent Search and SELECTION


Recruitment outsourcing can take a load off your overworked HR staff.

Mylestone finds qualified people, screens them, and you simply make the final decision.

Operating as Your In-House Recruitment Team

Recruitment outsourcing with Mylestone is a long-term retainer engagement. We conduct customized searches for all exempt executives and professionals, and non-exempt skilled trades. We also handle candidate screening, shortlisting, and initial interviews.

Casting a Wider Net for the Talent You Need

Since many jobs can now be done from home vs. in the office, searches for those candidates are now national instead of local. While this opens up a wider pool of applicants, the higher volume of responses can be a huge challenge for your HR staff.

Recruiting for Diversity and Inclusion

While diversity considerations and corporate policies may make the recruitment process more complex, Mylestone has you covered. For longer than most, we’ve become adept at building workforces that are both race/gender diverse as well as qualified and trainable.

Have questions about these issues and their remedies?

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As recruitment consultants, we help put smart systems in place, and turn your HR staff into recruitment ninjas.

Finding it harder and harder to attract and hire the right candidates? Step up your game with Mylestone’s help.

Actionable Insights for Effective Recruiting

We’ll show your team how to develop staffing models, better databases, and systems for bringing in the right people at the right time. We’ll introduce them to technologies and online resources that will help them conduct more efficient and productive searches.

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Get Better at Identifying the Right Talent Fit

Learn about interviewing and screening techniques, as well as psychometric assessments that quickly tell you what you need to know about a candidate. You’ll also learn how to balance diversity with capability for both exempt and non-exempt employees.

Talent Search Talent Search

Recruiting for a Remote Workforce

As nation-wide searches for work-from-home positions become more competitive, in-house recruiters will learn automated systems for quickly shortlisting a deluge of digital resumes. Remote interviewing and onboarding are also essential topics these days.

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