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Helping Managers Develop Better HR Skills...

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leads to a happier, healthier workplace. The right policies for addressing employee issues can raise satisfaction and lower attrition.

Helping Leaders Develop Stronger 'People Skills'

Managers may have been hired or promoted for specific abilities, but sensitive communication may not be one of them.  By not listening or responding appropriately, they might push an already frustrated employee to start updating their resume.

Tech Tools for Performance Management

A workforce metrics and analytics dashboard is an integrated and dynamic tool that continually links HR and performance attributes with critical business outcomes.  Executives can gain insights, spot problematic personnel trends, and make decisions based on hard data.

Insights for Individual and Organizational Development

Continually updated internal data shows the capabilities and deficiencies of each worker, for further training, preparation and promotion.  Mylestone can also help you use this info for reorganization plans that maximize each person’s contribution toward the company’s goals.

Managing Remotely

In an increasingly work-from-home world, we help leaders learn to manage by outcomes rather than day-to-day supervision.

Conflict Management Skills

Too often, leaders can get caught up in people problems and conflicts rather than knowing excactly how to diffuse and resolve them.

Diversity and Harassment

HR skills for managers these days include sensitivity to diversity and harassment issues for the sake of victims as well as corporate liability.

Pro-Active Management

Our coaching helps leaders become pro-active vs re-active. Anticipating issues and planning ahead makes for better workforce decisions.

Have questions about any of these issues and their remedies?

High employee turnover isn't sustainable for growing companies.

Mylestone helps you develop policies and procedures that make workers want to stay.

Workers need to know they have a future

When both exempt and non-exempt employees feel like they’re stagnating in their job, they start lookin elsewhere for opportunity.  Let’s put systems in place that show them a path forward, with development and compensation programs that keep them in the fold.

Opening New Paths of Communication is Key

Traditionally in organizations, communication chiefly flows downward.  When workers feel like they’re not being heard, dissatisfaction is inevitable.  Mylestone can help establish new lines of communication, including for employees who mistrust their supervisor.

Adressing Concerns VS. Letting Them Fester

Instituting a system of employee surveys can help bring corrosive issues to the surface so they can be addressed before they contribute to further attrition.  These issues may include workplace safety, harassment, inclusion, supervision, and others you may be surprised by.

Workforce Flexibility

Workers trained for more than one function can quickly substitute for others when needed, without interrupting operations.

Making a Difference

Employee loyalty isn’t dead.  Workers feel empowered and stay around when they understand how much their contributions mean.

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