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HR Dept Systems and Support

Keep current Hr problems from balooning as the company grows. We know how things should work, and can help build a solid foundation for going forward.

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Effective Leaders, Engaged Workers

Stronger people skills and data-based decision making keep managers in control. Employees stay loyal when they feel supported and issues are addressed.

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Talent Search and Selection

Retain the Mylestone team for the ongoing recruitment of managers and skilled tradespeople. Or, we can turn your own team into a recruitment machine.

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Mylestone's initial assignments typically turn into long-term relationships. Here's why.

During this Era of Change

Mylestone knows the HR challenges that underground utility and manufacturing firms face. We help them adapt to changes, and prepare for the growth to come.

Across the U.S.

The foundational HR systems we put in place lead to predictable, consistently positive outcomes. Ask for references from executives who had the same issues you have now.

We Don't Just Ask Questions

Submit a report, and go away. We roll up our sleeves and help execute the programs we recommend, working as an integral part of your team.

As Economists

As well as HR systems consultants, we see the bigger picture. With data-supported insights and technology tools, we help companies predict opportunities as well as risks.

An in-depth look at the numbers

Recruiting Demand

Demand for recruiting professionals has jumped by 63% since 2016 with estimations that number will rise.(LinkedIn)


53% of HR professionals say employee engagement increases when onboarding is improved. (SilkRoad)


73% of employers believe a great corporate culture gives their organizations a competitive edge. (CultureIQ)

Management Buy-In

52% of HR professionals cite management buy-in as the biggest barrier to strengthening culture. (CultureIQ)

With Smart New HR Systems

Turnover and workforce issues are more easily manageable. If HR staff needs ongoing help to enhance their skills and processes, we’re there for them.


Struggling to retain your best people?

High turnover is just one of the issues we can help you get under control.

Speak with your Mylestone HR systems consultant for helpful insights about these issues and what can be done about them.

Stressed Leaders. Unhappy Workers. An Overwhelmed HR Department. Let us know when you have had enough!

It starts with a conversation. Talk with HR Systems Consultant Robert Beverley, and learn how we’ve helped other firms strengthen for future growth. You’ll quickly know you’re in good hands.

Probability of success

When the probability of success is a question for your organization in utilizing Mylestone HR’s systems, it’s important to look at the track record of Mylestone’s past performance.

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Increase Your Productivity

Our HR systems have been proven to increase business productivity.

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Diversity and Harassment Issues?

We provide a professional approach to a problem that can derail any business.

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Talent Acquisition

We find the right person with the right skillset to improve your team.

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